Polar Plunge Ultimate

Premium immersive cold plunge

Choose your options, for a cold bath adapted to your needs.
Your cold bath is ready! It's time to shiver...
Regular price8 500 €

Polar Plunge Ultimate

Premium immersive cold plunge

Regular price8 500 €
The most technically advanced product in the Polar Plunge range, the Polar Plunge Ultimate is made up of a stainless steel bath and a red cedar wood cladding, which provides for a very contemporary look. The stainless steel bath of the Polar Plunge Ultimate offers better insulation which allows you to maintain a cold temperature for longer while reducing energy consumption. Equipped with a high-end, fully integrated cooling, filtration and water cleaning system which can bring the temperature down to a minimum of 2°C.
  • dimensions: 163 x 70 x 91cm (length x width x height)
  • capacity: 450 liters
  • weight: 160 kg (empty)

Delivery in 8 weeks.

  • 2 years warranty
  • Shipped all over the world
  • Secure payment
Polar Plunge Ultimate
Polar Plunge Ultimate
Polar Plunge Ultimate
Polar Plunge Ultimate

Main characteristics

The Polar Plunge cooling system lets you choose your optimal temperature, and it can bring the temperature down to a minimum of 2°C, which will delight those who like it extreme!
The Polar Plunge chiller has been designed so that the water is constantly circulating in the bath. This system guarantees clean and clear water and makes for colder plunging experience.
Our 20-micron filter removes hair and other impurities out of the water.
Installation and use of Polar Plunge baths does not require any plumbing work. The Polar Plunge can be filled directly with a garden hose and, with minimal maintenance, the water can stay in it for 6 months without changing.
Polar Plunge has only selected the highest quality materials for you, whether wood, metal or rubber. Guaranteeing durability over several years without special maintenance.
Polar Plunge baths can be installed both indoors and outdoors. They have been designed to withstand all the elements over time.
Our chiller combines an ozonator, which is a powerful oxidant that cleans out the impurities in the water, with a UV-C disinfection system.
Simply connect the hose to your Polar Plunge and connect it to a standard electrical outlet. Installation takes less than 5 minutes. A few hours are enough to cool your bath.
Our baths are fully insulated to avoid any condensation of water on the exterior walls. This also reduces the electricity consumption necessary to keep the water at the temperature of your choice.

Your Polar Plunge will be delivered to your home in a box within 8 weeks (4 weeks for the Polar Plunge Sport). By appointment, our delivery people will be able to remove the Polar Plunge from its box and leave with the box and packaging. You will have to install the Polar Plunge yourself but do not worry, it's very easy!

All Polar Plunge products come with a one-year warranty.

Can you make the water temperature more or less cold? The Polar Plunge cooling system lets you set the water temperature as you so wish, and it can chill the water down to a minimum of 2 degrees Celsius, which will satisfy all those who are looking for extreme sensations!

Do Polar Plunge baths come with a cover? All Polar Plunge baths include an insulating, waterproof cover, which helps keep the water clean and at the desired temperature.

When and how to change the water? The bath can be filled using a garden hose, and with a minimum of maintenance the water can remain in the bath for 6 months. To empty it, simply connect a hose to the drain provided for this purpose.

A happy community +++

Laurent M.★★★★★

I put a Polar Plunge Ultimate in my garden so as to be able to jump into it every morning and I can say that it has changed my life! My overall motivation, my energy level and my mood are 10x greater / better than before!!

Grégoire D.★★★★★

My wife and I have become total converts. We begin each day with a 2 to 3 minute session in 2 degree Celsius water. We love our Polar Plunge!

Vanessa O.★★★★★

PolarPlunge has become our new routines with my friends and I. We jump into my PolarPlunge Handmade just before our weekly cardio training session and can feel the benefits for many hours after that!

Maxime B.★★★★★

It is damn cold but what sets the Polar Plunge apart is how nice it looks. I have it on my terrace and everybody who sees it wants to jump right into it!

Edouard M.★★★★★

What does not kill you makes you stronger!

Romain G.★★★★★

We have equipped our garden with both a sauna and a bath from PolarPlunge. They look and work great! The way we feel after a heat/cold contrast session is insane!!



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