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What are the benefits of deliberate cold exposure?

Health benefits of regular, deliberate cold exposure are well established and multiple. It is therefore no wonder that top athletes worldwide have been using this protocol for preparation and for recovery for decades.

But whether you are a top athlete or not, this practice can do you a lot of good, by bringing you:


As Dr. Andrew Huberman has shown , immersion in cold water releases dopamine, which is the hormone that regulates our level of general motivation. Starting your day with a quick dip in Polar Plunge increases your level of energy and good mood and sets the pace for a dynamic and fulfilling day!


In addition to physical benefits, cold baths also have a positive impact on mood and emotional well-being. Regular exposure to cold water promotes hormonal balance, in particular by increasing the level of Epinephrine in the body by reducing that of Cortisol, which helps to bring a feeling of calm and well-being. They also provide an uplifting experience to disconnect from everyday stress, improving mental clarity and reducing anxiety.


Exposure to cold water stimulates blood circulation, which strengthens the cardiovascular system and promotes better oxygenation of the body. Additionally, cold baths reduce inflammation and relieve muscle pain by acting as a vasoconstrictor agent. Finally, regular exposure to cold allows the body to learn to manage discomfort and pain, which makes us stronger to face future pain.


Regular immersion in a cold bath deliberately exposes the body to a level of stress that boosts the immune system by increasing the production of white blood cells, essential for fighting infection and disease. Apart from the fact that it naturally makes us more resistant to cold, this ancient practice can help reduce the risk of getting sick and improve resistance to infection. Finally, the use of cold baths, especially when combined with the use of saunas, improves sleep quality, which is the cornerstone of our health.

By providing an increased degree of general motivation, promoting blood circulation, reducing inflammation, relieving muscle pain, improving mood and reducing anxiety and stress and finally strengthening the immune system, cold baths provide an invigorating experience for the body and soul. Immerse yourself in the refreshing world of cold baths and discover the many benefits they can bring to your daily life.