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Danish doctor Susanna Soberg, a specialist in the effects of swimming in cold water and thermotherapy, established in her research on voluntary exposure to cold the principle according to which to improve the metabolic effects of cold, one must let one's body warm up by itself. Allowing your body to shiver can also enhance the metabolic benefits triggered by the cold. The chills cause the release of succinate from the muscles and further activate the hermogenesis of brown fat. Try this protocol to increase chills, either during or immediately after exposure to cold: do not huddle or cross your arms when in the cold or after going outside. Also, do not dry yourself off. Allow your body to warm up and dry out naturally. It is true that it is hard. Unless you deliberately expose yourself to the cold on a hot sunny day, of course, you would prefer to take a hot shower and dry off with a towel after exposure to the cold, but you would undoubtedly limit the metabolic effect by doing this.

Arthur Guerin-Boeri
A French champion

"I discovered winter swimming in 2016 in the Canal de l'Ourq in Paris, in the middle of winter. Since then, I have set three world records for apnea under ice, swimming as far as possible under 50cm of ice, including one without wetsuit (105m).
In addition to the beneficial effects of cold on health, it is above all a lifestyle that I have adopted thanks to cold exposure: learning to get out of your comfort zone, for yourself and for others."

Arthur Guerin-Boeri

The Icon of Cold

Thanks to his extraordinary feats, "Iceman Hof" has gained international fame and inspired many people to explore the limits of their own potential. He founded the Wim Hof ​​Institute to share his method and teach others how to harness their own inner strength to improve their overall well-being.

Iceman Hof has become an iconic figure in the field of cold baths and continues to inspire admiration for his determination to push the boundaries of the human body and mind.

Frank Petitjean
Crowned European Welterweight Champion

"I had already experienced intense cold through cryotherapy at INSEP but the effect of a cold bath is very different. The last cold bath I did was on the day of the weigh-in for my European championship, when I had to shed 5kg during the day. I went into the bath and realised that I was in the best of shapes despite the weight to lose. No signs of muscle fatigue, but above all an unwavering good mood. It brought me serenity until the moment of the weighing".

Frank Petitjean